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Healthcare Consultants

Combining professional healthcare and technology to make lives better.

Healthcare Consultants Diagnoses and Therapies

Healthcare Consultants' rehabilitation team is dedicated to providing clients with world-class home care services and equipment while helping each patient become as functionally independent as possible.

As a home care company that has operated in the Delaware Valley for twenty years, we have a full platform of rehabilitation services. We provide shift nursing, skilled nursing visits, durable medical equipment, multiple therapies, and supplies to patients of all ages.

Healthcare Consultants, Inc. has the experience, expertise, technology and sensitivity to ease the transition from rehab setting to home care for the patient and family. Whether it is for a single piece of DME, or for a complex case, our rehabilitation team provides clients with superior coordination of care. By having all of the patient's needs met by one home care provider and by incorporating patient and family concerns into the professional plan of care, we have proven successful in delivering better patient outcomes.

Diagnoses and Therapies

Healthcare Consultants, Inc. provides therapeutic interventions for which are job related, results of a car accident or results of a medical condition. These may include:

Healthcare Consultants Rehabilitation & DME
  • Neurological conditions
    • stroke
    • head / spinal cord injury
    • neurodegenerative diseases
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Orthopedic conditions
  • Post-surgical conditions
  • Amputation
  • Speech or swallowing disorders
    • dysarthria
    • dysphagia
  • Decreased mobility / functioning
    • posture / balance disorders
    • gait dysfunction
    • strength / endurance deficits
    • range of motion deficits
    • arthritic conditions
    • decreased personal care ability
    • contractures
  • Home infusion needs
    • antibiotics
    • Ig G
    • Desferol
    • pain management
    • enteral / parentenal nutrition
    • baclofen refills
  • Training needs
    • prosthetic / orthotic training
    • wheelchair training
    • equipment training
    • home safety training
    • family / caregiver training

Rehabilitation Team

Each client is carefully evaluated and matched with a multidisciplinary home care team specifically selected to meet his or her unique needs.

Home Care Rehabilitation Nurses function as care coordinators, care providers, educators, liasons and team members in order to facilitate our client's transition from hospital to home. Each nurse is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with a disability or chronic illness, and work to achieve optimal outcomes of each patient's goals. We employ both RNs and LPNs. Our skilled nurses are highly trained and have extensive experience in:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Wound Care
  • Enterostomal procedures
  • Tracheostomy / ventilator care
  • Home infusion therapy

Physical Therapists work with our clients to maximize movement potential with range of motion therapies, gait training and continous passive motion therapy.

Occupational Therapists assist our patients to maximize functionality and to regain independence utilizing various therapies and fitting of orthotics.

Speech Therapists provide therapies to our clients for dysphagia, cognitive conditioning and to improve speech and language skills.

Respiratory Therapists collaborate with the physicians to identify and evaluate the mechanical support systems and design individualized respiratory support programs to meet the daily requirements of our patients with chronic respiratory conditions.

Home Health Aides help our clients with personal care services such as bathing, toileting, dressing and grooming.

Companions provide our patients with support services such as errands, laundry, meal preparation, light housekeeping and companionship.

Medical Social Workers provide treatment for the severely brain injured in need of behavior modification, goal setting and self-esteem activities. Counselors may also assist our clients in coping with the social, emotional and financial difficulties of rehabilitation.

Durable Medical Equipment

Healthcare Consultants, Inc. provides patients with the best and latest medical equipment that is the most appropriate for homecare. This may include:

  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Portable oxygen tanks
  • Helios Liquid Oxygen systems
  • Ventilators
  • Tracheostomy supplies
  • Pulse Ox
  • Enteral pumps and supplies
  • Beds, walkers and wheelchairs
  • CPM units
  • Parafin baths
  • Traction equipment
  • Tens units

Our staff has extensive experience with all respiratory supplies and equipment. 24-hour on-call service is provided to meet our clients' needs.

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Healthcare Consultants offers the finest in rehabilitation services, therapeutic interventions and DME Equipment.

We are the "Champions of Caring."